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The dry line of products branded SOURCE™ and the liquid products, Humi-Source Plus™ and Source-Ful™ are leonardite based humates. Made from North Dakota Leonardite, a form of natural of humates, these products will help relieve plant stress whether it is applies as a soil amendment of mixed with fertilizer.

The natural bio-stimulants found in the SOURCE™ dry line of products, Humi-Source Plus™ and Source-Ful™ improve the availability of nutrients in the soil. The soils nutrient holding capacity is increased as well as the water holding capacity. The workability of problem soils is improved: week area in a field become less noticeable.

The dry line of products SOURCE™ and the liquid products, Humi-Source Plus™ and Source-Ful™ enhance any crops ability to absorb in marginal soils, resulting in faster growth and higher yields.

The Humic Products Trade Association has published HPTA Label Claims for humates with resources.

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The Source North Dakota Leonardite
Humi Source Plus - Soluble Humic Acid
Source Ful - Liquid Fulvic Acid


Leonardite Products has not yet certified their products as organic, yet many of our customers have. Both Source and Humi-Source line of products are certifiable.

Click here to learn about the organic nature of the Source line of dry humates.

Humi-Source Plus Organic (PDF)

HPTA Label Claims (PDF)
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